How to clean copper products | Best way to clean copper products

How to clean copper products | Best way to clean copper products

If you find yourself doing a thorough cleaning of your home and want to learn how to clean copper products, in this article we will teach you some tricks so that you know how to do it.

Copper is a metal that, with the passage of time, tends to oxidize and, in some circumstances, can acquire a coloration that is corrosive and tends to damage the state of this material.

The 5 tricks of how to clean copper products

There are some natural alternatives that can be very effective when it comes to cleaning sulfated copper with stains or residues, so that it returns to its original state. It is a metal that gets dirty very easily due to the fact that it usually stays in constant contact with air and humidity.

In this way, some of the methods of how to clean copper products that you can use are the following, which are also quite simple to implement.

  1. Create a home-made copper cleaner with salt and vinegar

Regarding how to clean copper products with household items, one of the most used options is to create a cleaner in which you mix vinegar and salt, since vinegar can become an excellent ally for this purpose because it contains acid acetic, which is a component that serves to restore the shine to certain surfaces and objects.

To make this new natural cleaning product, you have to prepare a mixture with a cup of white vinegar and a tablespoon of salt, and then test it on a part of the piece to be cleaned before rubbing it completely with a cloth.

Therefore, it is best to let a small part of the material act for a few minutes before deciding to use it on the rest; Once the entire procedure is done, the object will be wiped dry until it is dry and clean.

In addition, another option that is very useful to clean copper products in small objects, is to mix a cup of vinegar with three glasses of water and a tablespoon of salt.

After carrying out this dissolution, the copper object must be introduced into it, letting it boil until it boils and is removed from the heat; After this, wait for this element to cool down before washing it with soap and water and, finally, drying until it is clean.

  1. Use ketchup

This component contains vinegar, which is a great option when it comes to cleaning copper jewelry, so it can be very effective in removing the corrosion that occurs on this metal.

Regarding how copper is cleaned with this sauce, it should be mentioned that using it is very simple, since you will only have to apply a light layer of Ketchup on the copper object, letting it rest for a few minutes.

Once this time has passed, it will be washed with enough cold water to remove any tomato remains that may have been attached to the object, and then it will be dried with a soft cloth that is perfectly clean.

  1. How to clean copper products with baking soda

Baking soda is another of the most effective ingredients if you are looking for options to clean copper, as it can have multiple benefits when combined with lemon.

Now, how do you clean copper with baking soda? To begin with, you have to prepare a bicarbonate paste with this element and the lemon, being advisable to previously check how this composition works on the object to be cleaned; Therefore, it should be used in a reduced area, leaving it to act for a few minutes before using it on the rest of the element.

When verifying that there are no inconveniences or problems to use this paste on the copper object, proceed to rub it with this compound and then polish it using a clean soft cloth.

Also, when it comes to how to clean copper in the event that the objects are small and very dirty, bicarbonate is a great option, since these elements can be placed in a saucepan as long as they do not have a protective varnish.

Thus, before applying this method to clean copper, which can also be a great option for cleaning silver, it is recommended to test this mixture with a cotton ball on a small part of the object.

This preparation is made in a pot full of water to which one tablespoon of bicarbonate must be added for each liter it contains. Then, those objects that are to be cleaned will be introduced, letting them boil for at least half an hour.

When you see that they have a clean appearance, remove the casserole from the heat and wait for it to lose heat. Afterwards, you should wash it with clean water and dry it using a cloth that does not damage the surface.

  1. Salt, vinegar and flour

The preparation of a compound with flour, salt and vinegar is another of the easiest options on how to clean copper, because it is a fairly simple mixture for which you will only need to combine a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of flour using white vinegar until a thick paste is obtained.

After having this mixture ready, it will be used on the surface of the object with a dry cloth, rubbing it with circular movements, and then a wet cloth containing a solution composed of white vinegar and hot water will be passed.

  1. Use lemon and salt

When it comes to how to clean lemon stained copper, the best alternative is to use it directly on the object. A slice of this fruit will be cut and salt will be added to rub the element that is dirty, passing it through its entire surface so that the salt removes the remains of dirt that it has.

How to clean green copper?

Moisture, dirt and residues that have been lodged in the copper on some occasions, usually cause it to acquire a green hue that can be considered as corrosive as rust, and, like this element, can also finish the surface of this metal.

When we talk about ways to clean copper that has acquired a green hue, among some of the options that you can use if you want to find an option, we recommend the following tricks:

  1. Make a cleaner with flour, salt, lemon and baking soda

A solution will be made in which flour, salt and sodium bicarbonate are mixed so that, once a homogeneous composition has been obtained, the lemon juice is added; After this, we will have to stir the mixture so that these ingredients are combined until obtaining a cleaner that will be used on the copper.

Regarding how to clean green stained copper, we must focus especially on those areas that are green to ensure that the remains of this corrosion are eliminated and, then, we go to wash the piece with warm water, making sure to remove all traces of moisture that it has.

  1. Muriatic acid

It is a chemical product that, due to its corrosive properties, can be really effective in eliminating the green color of copper and leaving it as new; however, hands must be protected with latex gloves before use.

When we talk about the ways to clean copper with this chemical component, we must know that a little of this mixture should be applied, preferably with an old toothbrush that is not being used.


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