Copper Tongue Cleaners with Comfort Grip – Superior Quality Pure Copper – 2 Pack with 2 Hygiene Travel and Storage Bags


  • 2 Tongue Cleaners + 2 Free Organic Storage & Travel Pouches – High Quality FDA listed Tongue Cleaners. Come with Earth-friendly Travel & Storage pouches (No Plastic Cases)
  • PURE COPPER: Broad Spectrum Hygiene as per Ayurveda – Thicker, heavy duty gauge to ensure it is smooth on the tongue – without risk of nicks; Anatomical Shape to ensure maximum tongue surface cleaning
  • NATURAL DETOX & IMMUNITY BOOSTER – Flexible, non-gagging – Suitable tool for plaque removal, bad breath and to restore oral hygiene or taste sensation; Comfort Grip, Carved Stainless Handles – no wearing-off rubber handles
  • NO MORE BAD BREATH – Drags out dreadful coats and festering mucus. Also aids in removing the coffee and smoking stains to get a fresh breath and a healthy, pink tongue – Time-tested and Proven for preventing Oral health issues
  • Aesthetic, Discreet ‘Non-Yukky‘ Storage Bags – Say NO To PLASTICS – Non-Printed, Organic, Moisture-Absorbent, Ultra hygienic, Storage & Travel Pouch.. Can hang from a mirror peg OR will sit suitably in your toothbrush cup without anyone noticing. Slip into pocket and Carry it anywhere