Handmade House Hammered Pure Copper Water Dispenser Pot 4 Liter Water Pot Matka Ayurveda Healing Water Storage Tank with 2 Serving Glasses (4 Liter)


  • Indian Handmade Hand Hammered Pure Copper Water Dispenser Pot Water Storage tank With 2 Serving Glasses
  • Note : Handicraft Handloom is not Copper Manufacturer so be Aware for Quality may harm your body he arrange items and then send he’s no genuine seller.
  • Beautiful Hand Hammered Copper Dispenser
  • Capacity: Dispenser – 4 Ltr / 8 Liter/ 12 Ltr /16 Ltr Glass : 275 ML Made of Pure Copper
  • Use Copper Cleaning Powder for best results, completely safe and gentle on hands