Copper Magnetic Bracelet for Women’s Arthritis in 2021


Copper magnetic bracelet for women with powerful Magnetic Therapy for Arthritis Rheumatism (RSI) Pain Relief have some best features:

Main feature:

  • Available with purity: We give a proper guarantee that our copper bracelet for arthritis pain relief is made with 99.9 percent solid copper.
    And yes, it’s entirely safe and durable to wear. This bracelet is made with lead and nickel, which properly available for Maintaining a balanced body.
  • Magnets: In this bracelet, we use Rare earth magnets and Neodymium magnets. And each bracelet contains six rare neodymium magnets of high quality, producing more than 3000 Gauss. This helps to improve the circulatory system, proper blood flow, and give relief from arthritis pain.
  • Freely adjustable: This COPPER MAGNETIC BRACELET for women is 6.5 inches bracelet that is easily adjustable to most of the wrist and needs a light squeezing for proper adjustment.
  • Design: This bracelet has a gorgeous look with an inlay flower design, which makes it more traditional and classier to wear.
  • Perfect gift: This magnetic copper bracelet is a Meaningful Jewelry Gifts for Special Occasions, Gifts from the Heart, Gifts to Charm Her. This copper bracelet present, a piece of genuine handcrafted art.