Handmade Native American Copper Cuff Bracelets Southwest Geometric Design for Unisex, Aztec Jewelry


  • Handmade Copper Cuff Aztec Bracelets in Native American SW Geometric Motif. Aztec Jewelry for Unisex.The scalloped edge of the jewelry glitters like rose gold.
  • Bracelet dimensions: length: 6.30 inches; width: .40 inches; copper thickness: .05 inch. Slim band, lightweight and durable open band. The scalloped edge of the jewelry glitters like rose gold.
  • The repetitive pattern of a ‘crystal’ with a possible Spider Woman Cross in its center. Maroon colored background with a vibrant teal border to the southwestern geometric motif.
  • BASE MATERIAL: Silver plated pure solid copper strip. This high-quality copper cuff will not irritate the skin. Jewelry doesn’t tarnish. has a hard-clear topcoat, but limit exposure to hair sprays, perfume, and cleaning chemicals. This Copper Handmade Bracelet doesn’t change color from wearing, no green stain on the wrist or that blue ring mark.
  • Great idea for friendship gifts, girlfriend gift, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas gifts, and birthday gifts
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