Magnetic copper bracelet therapy for Arthritis Pain Relief of women-men


Magnetic copper bracelet has been used since earlier times, both for its attractive properties and for its healing powers. Also, like magnetic bracelets based on the power of magnets.

Main Feature:

  • Made with 100% solid copper and the color of the bracelet is Yellow gold and has a glossy gold finish
  • This magnetic copper bracelet is smoothly adjustable. So anyone can use it easily.
  • Mostly workable for fitness, arthritis, carpal tunnel, headaches, and Chi-enhancing magnetic therapy. And yes, this is the best copper bracelet for pain relief.
  • This bracelet is best for Healthy therapy. The combination of copper and magnets enhances healing power.
  • This copper therapy bracelet has Two Neo permanent and powerful magnets. Each magnet used in this bracelet has a strength of 3000 gausses. Natural, Non-Invasive Pain Relief Powerful Magnets make it more demandable.
  • Also have an anti-tarnish coat, which makes this bracelet more acceptable for best use
  • Fully make with traditional rope style, which gives it a trendy, fashionable look.